Art Event Production collaborates with world legendary artists and outstanding performing arts groups of the world.

We will host Mr. SERGEI POLUNIN in his RASPUTIN performance at Theater 11, Zurich, Switzerland, on 15.11. & 16.11.2019. 


As well as the piano legend and worldstar Maestro Ivo Pogorelich in a solo piano recital in Zurich, Switzerland, on 17.11.2019, at the Tonhalle Maag.


We have presented Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) in our Pearls of Ballet (POB) production in Switzerland. We also represent Russian Ballet Theatre (RBT) from Moscow, with our unique 3D Swanlake and 3D Nutcracker. The unique combintation of 3D set and classical ballet visualises space through dance and light culminating in artistic phantasy. 

We represent a fusion of classical piano concertos in a unique and groundbreaking 3D technologies with video projections performed by Alexey Botvinov as well as Odessa Symphony Orchestra.